The Fulcrum – Modules

Modular Modification

For smaller budgets, a good choice is modular modification. The modular modification process begins by selecting the modules most appropriate for your sales force’s needs. Through a series of interviews and other research, we adapt the exercises and content to fit your selling situation. The following is a thumbnail sketch of each offering.

The Heritage Sales Academy, a process designed for companies who hire experienced salespeople. This workshop develops a sales approach that unlocks the knowledge and experience of the sales force, leading to a consultative process that all salespeople can use more effectively. One to two days, with 90 day follow-up recommended.

Prime Force, a Needs Satisfaction sales training approach that is useful in situations where basic sales training is needed. Two to three days, with 90 day follow-up recommended.

Speaking the Language, Financial Skills for Professional Selling, a one-day workshop that teachings salespeople how to read and interpret financial statements in order to identify opportunities within their accounts. One day.

Negotiating for Value, a workshop that develops techniques for negotiating within long-term account relationships. One day.

Account Share, an account management workshop beginning with how organizations make decisions, this research-based program leads to account strategies for cross-selling, up-selling, and full-line selling to increase account penetration. Research shows that account share is more important than market share for driving profitability – Account Share teaches salespeople how to maximize account share. One to two days.

Exhibit to Sell, the average “sales call” in a trade show booth lasts less than three minutes. Does your trade show program generate the leads you need? Our research shows that poor staff training is usually the culprit. In this workshop, your booth staff learn how to approach visitors, qualify leads, and close for follow-up in the unique environment of the show floor. Typically a half-day seminar.

Fear-Free Prospecting (c), for some salespeople, the fear of prospecting is debilitating; for others, that fear makes average performers out of very talented people. This 2 day workshop is based on more than two days of research that enables participants to identify the basis of their fears and eliminate them, freeing these salespeople to earn what they’re worth. Includes the SPQ*Gold® assessment tool.

Selling Styles, what’s your style? What’s your buyer’s preferred style? If these don’t match, look out! This workshop is based on research involving the way people like to buy, and the way people like to sell, not general psychology! It is the only workshop focused on selling styles, and includes assessment with the SSPA® tool. One day.

With the choice of any module, we begin with an assessment of the market and your buyer (except Fear-Free Prospecting (c) and Selling Styles, which begin with individualized assessment of the participants). There are multiple models of selling, and our research shows that using the wrong model can lead to loss of market share. All of our training is tailored to provide real-world experiences that prepare your sales staff for the reality they will face in their customers’ offices so that they can gain competitive leverage.