The Fulcrum – About the Company

Summary of Company and Services

Team Fulcrum is the consulting and training division of JK Tanner Inc. With roots in sales and account management, the organization has worked with companies to not only improve the professionalism of the sales force but also the customer orientation of the entire firm. Headed by John F. Tanner Jr., Ph.D., the firm has experience with major organizations such as IBM and Satyam in India, and with small organizations such as Pak-Sher and GSC. Dr. Tanner is author or co-author of over ten books, including the upcoming The Hard Truth about Soft Selling, and the leading college sales text, Selling: Building Partnerships.

Team Fulcrum provides such services as:

  • Strategic planning and facilitation

  • Custom curriculum development and delivery in the areas of sales and negotiation, account management, exhibition marketing, customer service, and customer relationship management

  • Performance measurement system consulting, compensation planning and design

  • Marketing evaluation and performance measurement

  • Litigation support in the areas of sales management and training, exhibition marketing, and buyer behavior


Partial Client List:


• Minolta Business Systems

• Moore-Wallace

• Grocery Supply Company


• Xerox Corporation


• Satyam

• Wipro

• Indian Institute of Sales Technology

• Business Tech International