Customer Advantage Process

The Leveraging Customer Advantage process consists of five steps, all designed to create sustainable results. These steps are:

  1. Assessment. In this proposal, the assessment phase consists of interviews with key members of your organization to pre-plan how the Sales Academy will be implemented in your organization. The assessment phase also consists of an instrument designed to determine your salespeople’s selling styles and other important aspects of selling experience.

  2. Design. The second step involves designing the specific strategy for your organization. This step may include a facilitated strategy workshop, a session which introduces your executive team to the Leveraging process and facilitates the development of the appropriate implementation. Following the facilitated strategy workshop, we design the training for your organization.

  3. Delivery. Delivery begins with the management workshops. In addition, delivery includes handing over materials to continue the Leveraging process by your management team. Delivery also includes the appropriate modules.

  4. Follow-up. As your management team implements the follow-up plans, Team Fulcrum provides support to ensure that this implementation runs smoothly.

  5. Evaluation. A final stage is an evaluation of the results. The evaluation is based upon the design developed in the facilitated strategy workshop or agreed upon after the assessment phase – we use your objectives to determine how to measure the effectiveness of the training. The evaluation may be reviewed in a second facilitated strategy session in order to develop a strategy for going forward.