John F. (Jeff) Tanner Jr., Managing Partner Team Fulcrum, a division of JK Tanner Inc.


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Dr. Tanner spent eight years in marketing and sales with Rockwell International and Xerox Corporation. In 1988, Dr. Tanner earned his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia and joined the faculty at Baylor University, where he serves as the Research Director of the Center for Professional Selling. His curriculum design efforts have won national acclaim, including the Southwest Business Deans’ Innovation award. An internationally known expert in sales who has taught account management and sales courses to executives and business school students in France, Canada, Mexico, and India, Dr. Tanner writes a column on sales management issues for Sales and Marketing Strategies & News.

Coming soon is Dr. Tanner’s latest book, co-authored with George Dudley, noted sales consultant and researcher, entitled The Hard Truth About Soft Selling, published by Behavioral Science Research Press. He is author or co-author of ten books, including the best selling textbook, Selling: Building Partnerships and the leading relationship marketing text Business Marketing: Connecting Strategy, Relationships, and Learning. His books have been translated into several languages, and distributed in over 30 countries. Dr. Tanner has published over 50 articles in trade publications such as Business Marketing, Marketing Management, and Exhibitor Times and over 50 research articles in academic journals such as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, and others. His research has won numerous awards, including "Best Paper of the Year, 2000" from the Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management.

Dr. Tanner is the managing partner of JK Tanner Inc., a holding company that includes Quiet Partners, Team Fulcrum, and Jett Creek. Quiet Partners invests in fast-growth and emerging businesses, as well as provides consulting and venture capital to start-ups. Team Fulcrum delivers strategic consulting and training for clients around the world who seek to develop a strong sales force. Jett Creek manages a Thoroughbred breeding and racing stable. Dr. Tanner also sits on the board of several fast-growth and emerging companies.